This FAQ should be able to assist with answering most of the queries. If you have any other enquiries please send them through to one of our Customer Care Champions via, we promise that they don’t bite! 🙂

Common questions received on chat

Yes you are more than welcome to stay anonymous –  merely skip the step of filling out your details and go ahead with the contribution.

You will need to open your smartphone camera in the camera mode and scan the BUSQR QR code there. It will not work inside a third party app like Snapscan. However, it will take you to a payment options page and if you choose to pay through Snapscan, you are still able to pay through the app.

Questions asked by artists/users

As soon as you receive your QR code – it is ready to be used and receive contributions!

You can find your code under the “BUSQR Code” Tab once you log into your account. 

Please reach out to the live customer support on the website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Please send a short voice note to our Whatsapp line on +27 72 304 0544 and one of our techies will get back to you ASAP to help troubleshoot.

BUSQR is a live donations solution, which uses QR technology, which we initially launched in South Africa to help performers and music artists generate income while live streaming.

At the moment you have to send your banking details to for our team to upload it on your behalf.

We are not a ticketing platform so are not a gateway to any specific performance. You need to find your livestream the same way you did when you started watching.

When receiving your email with the QR code, you would have also received the BUSQR Pro Guide… this document will explain how to embed your code into your streams via our awesome Youtube tutorials.

With the new website, your viewers will first have to choose the contribution amount. After this, they will be redirected to a page where they can pay with snapscan, zapper, paypal and payfast!

Your old QR code will still work for a very short time after your new QR code is issued. We do recommend that you start using your new QR code as soon as it is up and running!

You will need a paypal account if you are receiving contributions from viewers outside RSA. All local contributions will be going into your bank account.

Your code is linked to your BUSQR account. This means that funds will come through to your BUSQR account and will then be paid out to you every Friday into your bank account.

We will work on your code as a priority! If it is urgent, please contact customer support on and let them know it’s urgent!

There are no fees involved to set up a BUSQR account. BUSQR takes a mere 5% of your contributions after bank fees… the rest is yours! 🙂

General Questions

For everyone! We are here to support anybody and everybody who is trying to create an alternative income stream. Whether you are a musician, fitness instructor, motivational speaker or chef – we at BUSQR™ are here to help you!

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter (Periscope), Zoom, Skype, any platform that you can create an overlay.

It can be used absolutely anywhere you feel will get you the most contributions. But whether you would like to use it during a streaming session, or post it on your Facebook wall or print it onto your car – your unique BUSQR™ code will always be ready to accept a contribution 24/7/365!


It has never been easier! Click the link below and follow our easy to use sign up process. Once you share with us some basic details, one of our customer care champions will contact you and onboard you before sharing with you your very own customised, ready-to-use BUSQR™. As simple as that!

Create your BUSQR™ account here.

Here is a list of tutorials which will give you through the process”

  1. Linking your BUSQR™ code to online platforms via Desktop:
  2. Linking your BUSQR code to Facebook Live via smartphone:

Part 1:

Part 2::

Linking your QR code to your Instagram:

Adding multiple guests to your Facebook Live Stream via Zoom:

Turning your BUSQR code into an Instagram filter:

Your viewers need to scan your unique QR code with their smartphone’s camera and not with another app (i.e. a payment app). If your viewers are still struggling to make a payment, there will always be a clickable back-up link in your description that will direct them to all the payment options available on our platform.



No you do not and yes, you heard us right! Signing up and creating your BUSQR™ account is completely free of charge. Once you are ready to showcase your skills to the world, and to start earning contributions with your QR code, we will charge a nominal fee for the use of the platform.

We charge a minimal fee of 5%* on your earnings generated through the platform and fees related to payment gateways (i.e. Paypal, Snapscan etc.) are calculated and charged for separately. The rest is yours!

We want to ensure that your viewers have a hassle-free experience while making contributions. We are scaling fast to include multiple payment methods to reach out to all contributors around the world. We currently include Paypal, Mastercard, Discover, Visa, EFT Secure, Snapscan, Zapper and Payfast.

The base currency of our platform is set in USD but we accept all types of currencies from around the world such as GBP, ZAR and EUR. We then pay you based on your location around the world

When your viewers make a contribution in another currency (i.e. GBP), the payment providers convert the currency to the USD equivalent at the time of the transaction. This USD equivalent will then reflect on your dashboard.

BUSQR processes payments every Thursday before midnight for contributions that have been received between Thursday and Wednesday midnight. The funds will take another 24-48 hours to reflect into your account.

You will have a unique dashboard within your profile, which will display your earnings in detail, along with a range of reports that will assist you in understanding your streaming trends better than ever.

The coolest feature ever! You will have access to a live time widget on your account dashboard which will allow you to see funds being contributed to you in real time. During the payment process, your contributors will have a “shout out box” to tell you how much they love you, limited to 140 characters. Use this real time widget to stay hyped throughout your live stream as well as make moments special by doing a “shout out” in response to contributions received by your viewers.